June 18, 2024

What Are The Development Trends Of Video Advertising In 2021

Marketing strategies are a vital part of all kinds of businesses. It is how a business grows and expands its user base. Marketing today is not an inch similar to what was known a decade ago. With technology and everything around changing at a fast pace, marketing also changed and adapted accordingly.

Impact of COVID-19 on marketing methods

Everyone is aware of the havoc caused by the coronavirus for the past year. It has changed people’s perception of many things, and the way things operate has also seen a shift. The pandemic which is still lingering around has completely changed the face of businesses all over the world. The companies’ minor or major marketing campaigns shifted online, and the topic of marketing was talked about the most among the masses. Brands found new ways to connect with their audiences in the comfort of their homes.

While digital marketing has seen sky-rocket speed, some types of advertising are more impactful than others. For example, video advertising of brands is one of the forms which targeted most audiences.

Cause of video advertising prevalence

Humans tend to learn and grasp more from the visuals provided by videos, and such information also tends to retain for a longer period in the viewer’s minds. The businesses have recognized this thing, and they used video advertising in their favour. How a person consumes or perceives the pandemic has also changed a video.


Video advertising before the pandemic

It is not a hidden fact that video advertising was already a rising phenomenon before the pandemic. Some organizations even predicted that most of the content on the internet would be in the form of videos. The pandemic worked as a catalyst in the popularity of video advertising.

While it is a must to have video advertising in online marketing strategies, it may not be enough if you want to see the results. The businesses’ marketing team should also know about the latest trends among the target audience and produce the content accordingly. To make your brand relatable, you need to keep up with the video advertising trends.

Let’s look at some of the video trends in 2021, which will help you make your marketing strategy more effective.

Shopping Videos

As a vast audience is available on various social media networking sites, shopping videos are making their way to them. These are generally video clips through which you can buy the products with just a click. The younger generation, which is more indulged on these platforms, finds them quite useful, and the millennials are also not a step behind; after all, FOMO (fear of missing out) is a real thing.

Videos on the landing page of the site

Every business or brand today has a website where the users can know about the brands’ products. The webpage of the site can be more interactive and informative by using short videos of the products. The message thus delivered by the video will be easily transferred to the target audience.

Many e-commerce sites put introductive videos of the product and the guide for using the product like “how-to-use” clips which proves to be very beneficial for both the parties. The customer can decide after watching the clip whether the product is worth buying or not.

Live videos

An individual spends most of the time on various platforms watching live videos. These are a great way to interact with the larger audience and make them aware of the brand. People watch these videos to get to know more about the product, and the feature can ask the queries of live chat where customers can interact with each other and share their experiences.

Livestreaming is a feature that is available on all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. With so many videos revolving on the internet, there is a constant influx of content, and it keeps getting better each time.

Cross promotions

It is a method to promote other products in the related products. This includes more than one party in the advertising, and they both get the benefit of this. For example, you are offered a free game of some other kind while playing a different game. The videos can also be used on various platforms simultaneously so that they reach a wider audience.

As it is well-known that memes are popular on the internet, businesses can chop a part of video clips to make memes to engage more people.

Instagram reels

If you haven’t heard of this term, you are probably from an ancient era. Reels are immensely popular among teens and adults because of their shorter time and fun content. You start scrolling reels in the afternoon, and you won’t know how it is already nighttime.

Various brands use Reels to promote their products and to increase brand awareness by collaborating with social media influencers. There’s no better way than this to widen your user base.

Immersive videos

These videos are also known as 360-degree videos as they provide a full view in every direction. These are used by the companies dealing in cars, travel places, real estate, etc.


It is a feature mainly available on YouTube. Influencers and other people often record their experiences for others to see, and brands can collaborate with them to raise brand awareness. It can also be seen on IGTV and getting more popular by each day.

Super short videos

There are video ads on YouTube before the start of any other video. Most times, people skip them. What if the video ad is so short that it gets over before the option skip pop up? This ensures that the ad would be seen but, is it enough? Certainly not; the ad should be more engaging so that the user wants to see more.

If you are still ignoring video advertising in your online marketing strategy, sorry to say, but you are no less than a fool. The method is only going to go up in the future and will engage with audiences even more.

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