June 18, 2024

Why Video Ads Must Be Invested By Advertisers

Learning is a lifelong process. Every day we find something that we don’t know, and we tend to acquire knowledge about it and use it in our day-to-day life, from academic concepts to even a new product launched in the market, all comprised in this process. The marketing teams are well aware of this, to use it effectively for promoting their products to the masses. They are also aware of the fact that there are only three main sources of acquiring new information- kinesthetic, auditory, and visual.

Ways of learning/spreading awareness

Kinesthetic refers to learning from our daily experiences. When we go to the market alone to buy goods, we use our kind aesthetic learning to acquire knowledge and become better. Auditory source of learning is used when we learn by listening to things. When we follow instructions to learn about any topic, we are using our auditory channels for learning. Lastly, visual refers to learning through seeing things. Many people tend to learn new things after they have seen them happen once or even many times.

Significance of visual advertising

The visual method of marketing remains to be one of the most powerful ways of inserting an idea into people’s minds. More than 70% of the people prefer to use a visual method of acquiring knowledge or getting aware of anything. It could also be the reason why television and visual media-related sources of entertainment are unanimously popular.

Moreover, now there is also an evolution in the way visual media is presented to the people. It does not only require a picture presented on the screen but now there are minutes-long advertisements from attractive graphics, interesting storyline and even found in some. You might have even noticed that almost every product that exists in the world is somehow advertised in a video form as well. And why not? After all, it is such an effective way to spread awareness about anything.

Better connect with the people

If you have ever noticed, there are a few ads you have seen multiple times, and we get stuck in your head? These ads have all the above-mentioned key elements, which makes a successful visual movie to be shown to the people. Ads that have attractive graphics, accurate explanations about the cause, and a captivating way of presenting themselves are successful in making themselves permanent in people’s minds.

Nowadays, even television, as well as social media platforms, are full of visual advertisements. For instance, you might have even noticed that when you open YouTube, it shows multiple ads before the video starts playing. Since YouTube is an application used by the masses, it is a good platform to promote a product or spread awareness about it. Moreover, there are also chances that a person may find what they are looking for through a YouTube ad.

So these were the reasons why video advertisements are an easy method to reach the masses with the product. But what about other factors? Does it yield the same benefits in that too? Keep reading the to know more.

Video Ads

Video ads mean better profits

Investing in video advertisements is also a good decision as it can help a company yield more profits. Since video advertisements have such a mass appeal, it is likely, if not all, at least some people are going to buy the product. According to a recent study published on statistica.com, about 44% of consumers reported that they had purchased a product after seeing the video ad online. This simple line says a lot about itself. Moreover, it is also reported that almost a hundred per cent of mobile users increase every year, which means the more people your smartphones, the better they would have access to visual media. More effective video advertisements can be delivered to people.

There have been many examples of marketing success where a company has grown significantly over a time of few years owing to its success largely to video advertisement method.


Better opportunity to explain the product/cause

Video advertisements are shot in motion. It is always a moving picture that is presented to the people in combination with sound. This combination is impactful when delivering information about anything. Video advertisements are a great opportunity for video AD creators to explain the cause of the product to the masses effectively with the help of good graphics and sound. You can explain anything in great detail while capturing the attention of the audience. Video ads also allow a creator to present with the demonstration that can connect with the client.


Brand building

Video marketing-based strategy has also been successful for many companies to build their brand among people. Brands who focus on the goal of their company in the advertisements can successfully make an image of themselves in people’s minds. For instance, advertisements of luxury cars showcase their cars like they can give an elite and sheer driving pleasure to the person riding the car. It creates an image of the car brand in people, and they are likely to believe it when they purchase the product.

Video advertisements provide a strong opportunity for companies to promote their special features among the people and prove why they are different and rather better than all the other brands.

Less investment required

Creating a video AD isn’t expensive after all. You might think that producing video AD films is a costly bargain however it takes only the basic requirements of a team of skilled professionals and a few computers. Video ads can be created and shared on any platform. Be it television Online social media, one can easily circulate these advertisements and watch them reach people within a short time.

All the information mentioned above is enough for any reader to decide why investing in video ads is necessary for advertisers. With so much scope in this form of spreading information, it is predicted that soon video advertisement will take over any other form of spreading knowledge.



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